Jeder-System Developed by a dentist for dentists.

  • No incision/suture, minimal stress for patient
  • Only system with computer assisted operation surveillance
  • Secure and controlled first entry into sinus by use of hydraulic pressure – no osteotome
  • Gentle lifting of maxillary sinus membrane
  • Easy to use, quantifiable results, cost and time effective


The CE-certified Jeder-System consists of the Jeder-drill, the Jeder-pump and the connecting tube set.

The Jeder-drill is the actual surgical tool, the Jeder-pump generates hydraulic pressure and vibrations while constantly measuring the pressure and volume of the inserted fluid.

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Secure first entry into sinus

  • Blind hole is drilled up to slightly below sinus membrane; Jeder-drill is plugged into bore (pressure-tight)
  • Application of hydraulic pressure (1.5 bar) and vibrations using physiological saline solution (NaCl)
  • Slow movement of centrally placed drill towards membrane
  • Upon first minimal perforation of remaining bone, pressurized fluid pushes back membrane, ensuring that drill does not perforate membrane

Gentle lifting of membrane

  • Jeder-pump generates hydraulic vibrations to further raise membrane from bone
  • Creation of space for bone replacement material
  • Saline solution is extracted and bone replacement material inserted


  • Jeder-pump constantly measures pressure and volume of inserted fluid (display)
  • The decrease in the pressure indicates the entrance into the sinus on the display
  • Additionally, electronic data recording for documentation

The Jeder-System has proven its worth

Clinical Case

The selected sinus positions had a preoperative rest bone height of 3,3 ± 1,4.

The augmented bone hight was 14 mm.



Only Jeder-system fulfills all 4 criteria for "practitioner-suitability"

Comparison to competing products/technologies

Procedure is fully documented in a quantitative way by Jeder-pump

Computer assisted Operation surveillance

  1. Initially, 0.2 ml saline solution is inserted. After 5 seconds, another 0.2 ml is inserted.
  2. This leads to pressure building up to maximum of ~1,000 mmHg.
  3. After 15 seconds, clear drop in pressure can be seen (successful first entry into sinus).
  4. After this, additional insertion of saline solution only leads to incremental increase in pressure.
  5. After 65 seconds, solution is extracted leading to negative pressure in the system.


Cornerstones clinical study Jeder-System

Clinical study with Jeder-System published as 8 page original article in Sep. 2013 issue of „Triple-O“ journal" (PDF) >